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Scott is a trusted advisor to hundreds of successful leaders who are committed to developing a healthy, highly productive culture and sustainable workforce. He is passionate about transforming complexity into creative opportunity and evolving conscious leadership one courageous conversation at a time.

Soon after graduating from Northwestern, he jumped into Chicago's commodities trading pits, where he was a professional market maker and broker for nearly 20 years, galvanizing his calm demeanor and deep inner strength in response to intense emotions and in-your-face competition. In 2004 Scott left the trading floor to leverage his understanding of people and how they interact with each other – the human capital component of business – into a full-time executive coaching practice.

Scott is trained and certified as a mediator, professional coach and group facilitator. In 2010, he launched a CEO roundtable in Chicago through Vistage Worldwide. Today, he coaches C-suite and senior level executives, partners and emerging leaders in a variety of industries. He also continues to deliver team and leadership development workshops for corporations and groups where communication, leadership and conflict issues obstruct authentic conversation. The results are better listening, quicker resolutions and higher team productivity.

Learn more about Scott's work on his website: Compassionate Response.

Balancing empathy with the firm leadership needed

“Our professional services firm had been independently owned for almost 50 years. Due to many factors, the partners of the firm believed it may be time to consider selling.  As Managing Partner of the firm, I reached out to Scott to seek his help in facilitating a discernment process to determine if selling was the right decision, and if so which of the two leading prospective buyers would be the best choice.  Scott’s expertise was invaluable in bringing diverse perspectives together in a manner that was respectful yet challenging and engaging.

Scott’s unique style of balancing empathy with the firm leadership needed to facilitate challenging discourse, led to unanimous consensus and a very successful transaction that united the collective energy of all partners.  I enthusiastically recommend Scott Seagren to help any organization in coaching and finding solutions to complex challenges”

– MB, CPA Firm

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