Connect with your best self.

We believe that coaching leaders includes both performance deliverables and deep inquires.  We believe in remembering the human behind the job – and the humanity within it.

From C-suite executives to high-performing leaders, we walk a path together as it emerges towards the desired outcome.  This can mean a slowing down, or a speeding up.

How we work

  • Learning about the leader and what really matters
  • Optional personality, behavioral and 360 feedback assessments to complement and amplify the coaching experience
  • Development of a leadership guide as desired
  • Meetings with stakeholders for alignment
  • Sustainability practices for the future
  • Usually 6-9 month engagements

What sets our coaching apart

  • Quality of our questions from listening deeply to what’s not being said
  • Embodied approach in the interrelationship between mind, body, heart and soul in leadership
  • Self-care at the forefront to take care of our leadership instrument
  • Wholeness narratives and championing of talent, skills
  • Compassion for the unknown, the mystery in leadership journeys, and welcoming it as a powerful partner

A variety of engagements

  • CEO support/sounding board
  • New role/transition
  • Team management (motivating, inspiring, coaching)
  • Relationship management
  • Communication fine-tuning
  • Executive presence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Presentation skills
  • Strategic thinking/enterprise mindset
  • Purpose and vision

Clients often pair team coaching with individual coaching to maximize their work together. 

Our coaches have what it takes to get to the heart of your unique challenges.

“Trinnie, we love your way of being, your listening and understanding, your incredible ability to notice everything that happens, and everything that doesn’t.  We notice and love the way you put your soul into working with us and we trust you totally.  We are enormously grateful for all you are doing to make our “system” flourish and improve."

– KH & AH  Stockholm, Sweden

"Scott developed a series of training sessions for our group that helped people learn real ways to communicate more productively and supportively. It wasn’t just theory but practical techniques that we could take with us and practice immediately with our co-workers, families, etc. You can feel that Scott’s motivation is to help people be their best selves."

— NH

Spark a ripple effect in your workplace

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