The Trifecta of Skills for a Well-Balanced and Thriving Team

As familiar and new faces entered the Studio this week for a staff retreat, I noticed a range of initial reactions.

Image of a large notepad with notes from a meeting

Some were eager to dive into deeper conversations, while others were a bit more reserved and perhaps even skeptical.

The subject for the retreat was “Trust, Empathy and Appreciation: The Trifecta of Skills for a Well-Balanced and Thriving Team”. Perfectly normal to have a variety of reactions when those topics come up for discussion.

At Ripple Effect Studio, we think of these as vital skills for teams to confront, adopt, and continuously evolve.

Even better when we can build these skills together in person, especially in today’s hybrid work environment. Here are a few things we considered:


Stephen M.R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust, argues that trust is a “learnable, measurable skill that makes organizations more profitable, people more promotable and relationships more energizing.” So, we dug into his “13 Behaviors of a High Trust Leader” and had a great conversation about where each leader excels and where they can do an even better job of building trust. Most certainly a vulnerable activity, but the honest conversation began to melt any skepticism.


Knowing what a co-worker feels in their role, seeing things from their point of view and imagining yourself in their shoes is vital for thriving teams to understand each other better every day and confirms that people who embrace this skill are indeed more promotable.


Who doesn’t like being acknowledged and seen for the hard work they do? Some call these “kumbaya moments” as if they feel squishy and unnecessary. We think of them as an incredible opportunity to care and love each other – something desperately needed in today’s workplaces.

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