Spring Equinox Studio at Night: Matcha & Chocolate

After months of wintering, something is stirring…

Purple crocus flowers blooming in grass among snow

This Spring Equinox we celebrate the equal relationship between light and darkness.  “Equinox” comes from the Latin “aequus”, which means even, and “nox” which means night.  Even night.  12 hours of daylight; 12 hours of night. The Spring Equinox happens when the sun’s rays sit on the earth’s equator, sharing its light equally with the northern and southern hemispheres.  It also marks our first day of Spring.

What better way to celebrate this, than with two of our favorite companions: matcha & chocolate!   Vibrant green matcha representing the earth. Dark and light chocolate to represent the changing of seasons.

Join us on March 14th for our next Studio at Night to honor the wintering and spark the Spring stirring within.

  • Enjoy a pause to sample matchas we have personally collected, paired with outstanding chocolate from Loon.  We’ll even have you try matcha chocolate – the real deal from our favorite places in NYC! 
  • Take a moment to connect over conversation, storytelling, music and movement

Studio At Night is all about ease. We hope you will indulge with us. 

Spring Equinox Studio at Night: Matcha & Chocolate

Thursday, Mar 14th
4:30pm – 6pm 
Ripple Effect Studio
195 McGregor St., Suite #123 (Center Entrance)
Manchester, NH

Event Cost: $15 (All proceeds will be donated to The Boys & Girls Club of Manchester)

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