Everything is Better with a Little (Loon) Chocolate

Good afternoon, 

Flying home from visiting my daughter at college in November, I got the news that a pipe from the upstairs business had burst and was flooding our brand-new Studio! 😰 

Let me be more specific: it was raining down glycol and water on the living room lounge area, my office, and the storage room:

An oily pinkish substance coated everything, and we were absolutely devastated.  We had just opened—not six months earlier—after much planning, design, and patience.

Outreach by clients, friends, and family helped us with the initial shock, but a huge shoutout goes to our neighbors, Loon Chocolate, who were wonderful listeners and confidants when things looked rough.  Like their chocolate, their warm personality, depth, and steady, gentle presence helped soothe our nerves.  David and Rachel Mack, and Sara Steffensmeier, current owners of Loon Chocolate, invited Scott to weather the immediate flood with pizza and chocolate beer (yes, real and delicious), and supplied us with malt balls or hot cocoa whenever we visited.  They also looked out for the place when we needed to travel or while we waited for things to be renovated…

Rachel and David of Loon Chocolate

What really happened is that they inspired me to become a better friend. 🥰

A simple smile, a “how are you,” an invitation to hang out.  A little hot cocoa or sampling some dark peppermint bark.  Little things with a big heart behind it. 

This year, we want to do the same: offering more of what we love to do, providing a welcoming space to hang out, and feeling a sense of peace at work. We will be in much better shape to make good on this resolution when our Studio reopens in February! 

We also look forward to hosting seasonal gatherings. We hosted our first Winter Solstice event around a campfire in December, and our first Spring Equinox event will be held at the Studio on March 14th.  We will have additional events coming up in the summer and fall, which you will be able to learn more about on our website in the coming weeks. 

And of course, we’d love nothing more than to share some delicious Loon Chocolate and a warm drink with you when you visit. 

In the meantime, wishing you all a great start to 2024 with good friends and all kinds of chocolate. 

Trinnie & Scott

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