Get your team connected.

Ripple Effect Studio is a fully-integrated team coaching space designed to help you spark breakthroughs and build chemistry - setting you on the path to greater success and fulfillment.

We specialize in serving leadership teams who recognize the importance of a healthy culture in being productive and profitable.

Teams seeking more connection and a sense of belonging

Newer teams, or teams integrating new hires

Teams working through complex problems or conflict

“We found ourselves with a leadership team made up of both legacy individuals and newly brought in leaders – a divided team that was struggling to embrace the “greatness” in each other. Trinnie and Scott, through a series of guided coaching sessions, were able to tear down the emotional walls that divided the group, then help to rebuild the team into a much stronger and effective unit. The sessions were thoughtful, the conversations were sometimes raw but always very honest, and the outcome created a far more productive leadership team that led the company into unprecedented success. Everyone came away from this activity as better human beings.”

CC - Aerospace Company

We focus on the lines between – the connective tissue that must be healthy for a team to be at its best.

We create a safe space for people to be honest and brave, cultivating non-judgment and empathy.

We utilize creativity and movement to help clients communicate and process emotions more effectively.

We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, and that everyone contributes value.

Our Team Vitality process is essential to how we help you access your team's unique flow.

Listening & Learning

Valuing that all perspectives matter

Preparing the ground by clarifying outcomes and expectations

Gathering and analyzing data

Delivering summary report with recommendations

Nurtured Design & Delivery

Rooted in understanding

Designing and refining events

Facilitating on site with space to move and exchange ideas

Review & Renew

Looking back to look forward

Collecting the experience and learning

Observing team progress for desired team health

Our coaches have what it takes to get to the heart of your team’s unique challenges.

“Trinnie, we love your way of being, your listening and understanding, your incredible ability to notice everything that happens, and everything that doesn’t.  We notice and love the way you put your soul into working with us and we trust you totally.  We are enormously grateful for all you are doing to make our “system” flourish and improve."

– KH & AH  Stockholm, Sweden

"Scott developed a series of training sessions for our group that helped people learn real ways to communicate more productively and supportively. It wasn’t just theory but practical techniques that we could take with us and practice immediately with our co-workers, families, etc. You can feel that Scott’s motivation is to help people be their best selves."

— NH

We leverage decades of experience working globally with all types of teams and industries, along with numerous certifications and a deep toolkit of methods and processes.

Spark a ripple effect in your workplace

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